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Lighting is increasingly becoming part of the marketing brand of businesses in contemporary buildings. When we design LED lights for contemporary architecture, we consider the company's brand and communication. For example, the use of colors or minimalism may serve as a reference for crafting a lighting solution specific to the company.

At StrongLED, we believe that light is the important element in the project, not the fixture. Light fixtures should assimilate into the design and disappear, which is why our LED lights for monumental architecture are so often chosen. For lighting an historical building, we carefully evaluate the style and shape of the building, the aim of the project, and how the building is perceived in natural light. The LED lighting should show off the architecture to its best effect without turning it into a spectacle.

LED lights for religious architecture that holds ancient places of worship and contemporary churches, temples, and mosques is a fascinating and challenging project. We immediately differentiate between projects requiring functional lighting versus projects enhancing the artistic heritage of the building, and we develop a solution accordingly. Because our LED grazers, spotlights, and recessed lights have unique technical features and an unobtrusive design, they are excellent for creating an awe-filled and spiritual atmosphere for worshipers.

LED lights for residential architecture has the dual purpose of highlighting the building’s distinctive traits as well as providing a good level of security at night. Recessed fixtures and floodlights are used for multiple lighting effects to be achieved.

Retail spaces are continuously evolving spaces, where visual comfort must complement advertising and merchandise. Products meant to captivate customers’ attention can be highlighted through strategic retail lighting, such as strip lights or video displays. The tone and quality of the light and the dramatic effects of light and shade make a significant difference in attracting attention in a short space of time.

Home lighting or guest room lighting influences our perception of the space, making large rooms appear intimate or small rooms appear cozy instead of claustrophobic. Too much light in a bedroom will make a harsher environment while not enough light in a kitchen makes it functionally useless. At StrongLED, we take into account the preferences and needs of our customers so we design LED lights for residential interiors that emphasizes the best qualities of our customers and their home.

While good lighting adds to our enjoyment of art in galleries, exhibits, and museums, light can also be damaging to the work when exposed to it long term. By using our LED lights for art, which emit no ultraviolet or infrared radiation, you can safely design gallery lighting and museum lighting, displaying artwork without damage.

Outdoor environments are often a natural continuation of indoor spaces, and careful selection of LED lights for landscapes and gardens can create a fluid and cohesive atmosphere. Our recessed lights often use spike spotlights, which are extremely practical as they can be easily repositioned as vegetation grows, so your garden is easily lit at any time of the year.