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General introduction and highlight a few projects.

LED Lighting Projects
StrongLED has completed over 1500 LED lighting solutions projects around the world. These projects involve LED lighting system for building facades, urban complex, urban landscapes and special buildings. Following pages are all classic projects, successfully completed by StrongLED.

Lighting solution for building facades can show the building off in the right light and get a positive corporate image across. StrongLED has undertaken a great deal of projects in China to illuminate the facades of numerous buildings using LED floodlights, LED wall washers, LED linear lights, etc.

StrongLED has been well known as a professional lighting solution provider for urban complex lighting projects. In the way we set about the project to illuminate the geometrical complex building designs, we wish to retain their individual character while emphasizing their cohesive architectural forms.

StrongLED is a leading player in urban landscape lighting projects. We have provided a large variety of LED lights for the flood lighting systems of scenic spots, roads, parks and other area in city, including LED flood lights, LED linear lights, etc.

StrongLED has provided the optimal exterior lighting and control system solutions for a large number of special buildings in China, such as Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Tianjin Eye, West Pearl Tower, Suzhou Ferris Wheel, Wuxi Grand Theatre, China Pavilion EXPO Shanghai, UK Pavilion EXPO Shanghai, and Cultural Plaza of Changshu International Clothing City.