Smart Lighting Control System

StrongLED’s J-Link Smart Lighting Control System is a distributed lighting control system consisting of touch sensitive control panels, WD-intelligent controllers, drivers and smart sensors for Wifi, Bluetooth, motion, voice activation, IR and smart phone apps. Unlike centralized lighting control systems, our programmable lighting system requires no major initial investment but is affordable, scalable and meets the standards of lighting technology.

StrongLED's WD Intelligent Lighting Controller uses a simple touch control panel or smart phone app linked through Wifi or Bluetooth to control all types of LED lights and conventional lighting such as incandescent, fluorescent and CFL lights in a J-Link system.
Within our J-Link Smart Lighting Control System, we offer reliable capacitive touch control panels to easily adjust the settings within connected lighting circuits. With On/Off switches, preset scenes, mood lighting, dimming and CCT control, our touch screen control lets you design your own lighting systems any time you need.
Our wireless control panels allow control from IR remotes and smart phone apps. Besides standard infrared options, we also provide Wifi and Bluetooth touch control panels so you can connect your lighting to most technology. With the same structure as the touch control panels, these durable wireless touch panels easily integrate into the décor and can be set up and maintained in no time.
J-Hub LED lighting circuit expander functions as a hub for multiple J-Link universes in the architecture with intelligent lighting system. It receives instructions from the Master touch control panel that controls all associated J-Link universes in the system.

JK System Overview

AL1A LED Down Lights