Indoor LED Lighting

StrongLED has built a strong reputation for its indoor LED lighting products, all of which come in different shapes, sizes, LED colors, beam angles, format, power outputs and DC or AC voltage drives.

These indoor LED wall washers evenly illuminates walls or large surfaces from all sides. Used with contemporary architecture, in public cultural buildings, museums and galleries, and in landscape lighting, wall washing works best with wallboards or other lightly textured or matte surfaces as it tends to flatten the appearance, hiding imperfections and preventing indirect glare.
The indoor LED wall grazer dramatically illuminates walls or large surfaces for accentuating texture. Unlike wall washing, interior wall grazing is intended to reveal the brick, stone or other sculptured surfaces. Wall grazing fixtures are typically mounted very close to the plane of walls, fences, or other structures so the light beams obliquely across the subject’s surface.
Indoor LED linear lights differ from washers and grazers in beam angles, diffusers and linear configuration. They are available in RGB and white versions. Like washers and grazers, they illuminate walls and features or are used as contours, outline and cove lights.
Unlike conventional lighting, our flexible LED strips are versatile lighting solutions for coves, recesses, outlines, and direct view and video display applications for hotels, casinos, entertainment centers and shopping malls. Available in many LED colors, CCT and CRI, this indoor strip lighting is built on a flexible printed circuit board and encased in a transparent flexible sheath that can be mounted in many different ways. Supplied in lengths of up to 5m, the lighting solution can be arranged to fit on-site requirements.
Down lighting products provide ambient white lighting, illuminating the general space of a room rather than directing light at a targeted area, as in task lighting. Our LED down lights can be installed in ceiling or wall recesses and come in either round or square structures with different beam angles to focus light or reduce glare.
Jointly developed by CAFA (China Academy of Fine Art – Beijing) and StrongLED, the B+W is a series of visually attractive and features-full smart lights that blend Hi-tech with exquisite Chinese Blue & White porcelain motifs. Create your own ambiance lighting from general lighting with tunable whites and dimming, setting the room lighting mood with a palette of color of a rainbow, sync to music and sync with photos; high quality white and colored light that offers you endless possibilities. The smart light is suitable for homes, recreation centers or as a trendy gift that fits perfectly to our lifestyle.

1) LED Floodlights: High intensity indoor luminaires illuminate large indoor areas such as shopping malls, hotel atriums, historical or architectural features, and indoor sports facilities. Our outdoor floodlights are available in indoor versions.

2) LED Wall Washers and Wall Grazers: LED luminaires evenly illuminate a wall or accentuate features of a wall.

3) LED Linear Video, Contour and Outliner Lights: Linear LED luminaires for architectural, commercial, and landscape lighting applications. Versatile for use in LED contour and outline lighting in atriums, shopping malls, accent lighting for architecture features, large LED video or graphic screens for advertising and media applications, and task lights with dimmable illumination features.

4) LED Dot, Pixel, Node and Spot Lights: Versatile and attractive indoor LED luminaires for decorative applications in architectural, commercial and landscape lighting. Used for direct viewing in building spaces, as accent lighting or cove lighting, they can be installed in a variety of ways and can connect in complex geometrical patterns or form colorful video displays. With StrongLED downlights, controlled by our J-Link Smart Lighting Control System, you can set the mood in any indoor space.