Flexible LED Strip

LED Flexible Light (Indoor)
Unlike conventional lighting, our flexible LED strips are versatile lighting solutions for coves, recesses, outlines, and direct view and video display applications for hotels, casinos, entertainment centers and shopping malls. Available in many LED colors, CCT and CRI, this indoor strip lighting is built on a flexible printed circuit board and encased in a transparent flexible sheath that can be mounted in many different ways. Supplied in lengths of up to 5m, the lighting solution can be arranged to fit on-site requirements.

StrongLED SOFIA Series SF3 LED flexible linear light.
StrongLED’s SOFIA series features flexible linear lights manufactured with advanced processes and reliable and brand-name LED chips from Cree, Epistar, and Everlight. Available in whites, monochrome, tunable whites, and a full color range, the linear light comes with a soft acrylic, silicon or PVC sheath with high transparency, anti-yellowing properties and a design that won’t break or damage if the flexible printed circuit board is bent or stretched. Our lights are dimmable, have consistent colors and color mixing, are maintenance-free, and have a long, reliable lifespan.