Indoor LED Wall Washer

LED Wall Washer (Indoor)
These indoor LED wall washers evenly illuminates walls or large surfaces from all sides. Used with contemporary architecture, in public cultural buildings, museums and galleries, and in landscape lighting, wall washing works best with wallboards or other lightly textured or matte surfaces as it tends to flatten the appearance, hiding imperfections and preventing indirect glare.
Interior wall washing can make rooms appear brighter, higher, cheerier, and more relaxed. Typical wall washing requires asymmetric lighting fixtures in groups of 3 or more, positioned some distance from the wall or surface.

Wall Washing Products:
AG1A, AG2A, AG3A, FA3, and OL6C are elegantly designed and versatile LED fixtures for interior wall grazing and wall washing. A wide beam angle throws a soft-edge beam, while narrow beam angles give extended light projection for washing high walls and rooms.