Outdoor LED Lighting

StrongLED has built a strong reputation for its outdoor LED lighting products, all of which are rated IP65 or higher and are weather-sealed with protective vents. Each of the following outdoor LED products come in different shapes, sizes, LED colours, beam angles, format, power outputs and DC or AC voltage drives.

LED flood lights give a form of wall washing with large, high intensity LED fixtures that illuminate large outdoor spaces, architectural exteriors, monuments, religious buildings, bridges, sports stadiums and playing fields. Exterior floodlighting is mainly used for lighting up the façade of a building (for historical, architectural, or security purposes), for lighting up signs and billboards, which usually requires more than one floodlight installed equidistantly for even illumination, and for general area lighting at sporting and stadium events.
The outdoor LED wall washers evenly illuminate walls or large facades. Used with contemporary architecture, in public cultural buildings, museums and galleries, and in landscape lighting, wall washing works best with wallboards or other lightly textured or matte surfaces, as it tends to flatten the appearance of the illuminated area and prevents indirect glare.
Exterior wall grazing illuminates walls or large surfaces to dramatically accentuate the texture of a wall. Unlike wall washing, wall grazing is intended to reveal the texture of brick, stone or sculptured surfaces. Our outdoor LED wall grazers are typically mounted very close to the plane of the wall or fence and directs the light beam obliquely across the subject’s surface. Effective wall grazing fixtures deliver high-intensity light in a relatively narrow beam angle.
Outdoor LED linear lights differ from washers/grazers in beam angles, diffusers and linear configuration. They are available in RGB and white versions. Like washers and grazers, they illuminate walls and features or are used as facade contours, video array or outline lights.
The dot pixel LED lights are usually made in round or oval shapes for decorative and large-scale video applications on building exteriors. They are small or medium-sized, with pixel pitches ranging from 30mm to over 100mm, and are full color, tunable white, white and monochrome. The pixel LED lights come in strands of 10 dots in a length of 1.5m with many mounting methods ranging from steel wires, clip brackets, and aluminum profiles.
In-ground LED lights and underwater LED lights are speciality lights that are installed in such places as swimming pools and fountains. Used as floodlights, wall washes, wall grazes, accents and area lighting, these in-ground and underwater lights have an IP68 rating and are made of mechanically robust and anti-corrosive material. StrongLED’s range of in-ground and underwater LED lights are available in white, tunable white, monochrome and multi-colors. The user can control color changes and dimming.

1) LED Floodlights: High intensity LED luminaires illuminate large outdoor areas such as building facades, monuments, bridges, and sport stadiums. Used to accentuate architectural features of historical buildings.

2) LED Wall Washers and Wall Grazers: Outdoor LED lighting evenly illuminate a wall or accentuate features of a wall.

3) LED Linear Video, Contour and Outliner Lights: Linear LED luminaires for architectural and landscape lighting applications. Versatile for use in LED contour and outline lighting on building façades and bridges, accent lighting for architecture features, or large LED video or graphic screens for advertising and media applications.

4) LED Dot, Pixel, Node and Spot Lights: Versatile and attractive outdoor luminaires for decorative applications in architectural and landscape lighting. These lights directly highlight building facades, bridges, and accent and cove lighting. With different ways to install and mount these lights, the outdoor LED lighting can be connected in complex geometrical patterns or formed into a colorful video display.