LK3B Linear Flood LED Wall Grazer

LK3B Linear Flood LED Wall Grazer
  • LK3B Linear Flood LED Wall Grazer
  • LK3B Linear Flood LED Wall Grazer
  • LK3B Linear Flood LED Wall Grazer

Elegant high power LED linear luminaire for floodlighting, wall wash and wall graze applications in buildings, bridges, and monuments.
Light projection distance over 10 meters with choice of Cree or Lumileds LEDs in a variety of colors and beam angles to choose from.
High-strength precision aluminum profile for highly efficient thermal dissipation with a clear tempered glass diffuser and anti-glare shield.
Customizable fixture color and length.
Various stainless steel mounting brackets with up to 80゚ tilt angle adjustment for easy installation and light projection setup. Optional anti-glare shield.
Seamless line of light when connected in a cascade without dark spaces at joints.
DC 24V input. DMX control. Brightness level of 256 and 10 bits contrast control for stable and smooth color transition and change effects.
Preventive vent, waterproof connectors and rated IP65.

Technical Specification
LED Quantity 24 (1W 350mA)
Power Rating 28.8W
Luminous Flux 2544 lm
Luminous Efficacy 88 lm/W
Contrast Level 10 bit*3(1024*1024*1024)
Brightness Level 256
Input Voltage DC24V
Operating Temperature -40℃~50℃
Operating Humidity 10%~95%RH
Material (Housing) Anodized extruded aluminum + Clear tempered glass diffuser
Cable Interconnect Signal Cable: PVC cable with waterproof connectors≥500mm, Power cable: Neoprene≥500mm
Dimension(without mounting bracket) 1000*28*28mm
Weight 0.7kg
Pixel Quantity 1
Control Gear DMX
Ingress Protection IP65
Life Span ≥50000 hours
Application Outdoor
Color Standard Specification
5000K 2544 lm Ra 80
4000K 2472 lm Ra 80
3000K 2280 lm Ra 80
2700K 2040 lm Ra 80
2400K _
2200K _
1700K 1920 lm
Blue 792 lm
Amber 960 lm
RGB 1520 lm
LED Type Bean Angle
CREE XP-E2 15゚/25゚/30゚
CREE XM-L(4in1) _


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