Outdoor LED Wall Washer

LED Wall Washer (outdoor)
The outdoor LED wall washers evenly illuminate walls or large facades. Used with contemporary architecture, in public cultural buildings, museums and galleries, and in landscape lighting, wall washing works best with wallboards or other lightly textured or matte surfaces, as it tends to flatten the appearance of the illuminated area and prevents indirect glare.
Exterior wall washing typically requires asymmetric lighting fixtures in groups of 3 or more, positioned some distance from the wall or surface.

Wall Washing Products:
LK2D, AC1A, and AC2A are versatile, full-color LED wall washer suitable for interior and exterior wall washing, back lighting, grazing and flood lighting applications. A wide beam angle throws a soft-edge beam, while narrow beam angles give extended light projection for washing high walls and architectural facades.
AC3A, CP3A, GP1C, GP2A, GR6A, and CP3 are high performance linear LED fixtures for washing large areas with far-reaching, saturated colors in architectural applications. Integrated power and automatic line addressing makes this fixture easy to set up and maintain and is great for permanent installations. Besides the full range of whites, tunable whites, monochrome, RGB and RGBW colors are available.