LED Flood Light

Flood lighting
LED flood lights give a form of wall washing with large, high intensity LED fixtures that illuminate large outdoor spaces, architectural exteriors, monuments, religious buildings, bridges, sports stadiums and playing fields. Exterior floodlighting is mainly used for lighting up the façade of a building (for historical, architectural, or security purposes), for lighting up signs and billboards, which usually requires more than one floodlight installed equidistantly for even illumination, and for general area lighting at sporting and stadium events.

Floodlight Products:
AP10A and AP10B are high performance LED flood lights for universal lighting in outdoor environments. We offer several versions to fit whatever application you need.

LK2D, AC1A, and AC2A are versatile, full-color LED fixtures suitable for interior and exterior flood lighting, back lighting, wall grazing and wall washing. A wide beam angle throws a soft-edge beam, while narrow beam angles give extended light projection for washing high walls and architectural facades.

AC3A, CP3, GP1, GP2A, GP3A, GP4A, and GP3A are high performance linear LED fixtures for washing large areas with far-reaching, saturated colors in architectural applications. Integrated power and automatic line addressing makes these LED flood lights easy to set up and maintain and are great for permanent installations. A range of white, tunable white, monochrome, RGB and RGBW colors are available.